Sunday, April 28, 2013

If i could reach the sky

                       Photography: Carl Gross
                       Location:       Gulf of Mexico
                        Dress: Jealous Tomato

                       I love this dress very much because comfortable to wear and very Dramatic and pretty stylish.

                                         Kaisen Necho Photography

                          Location: Downtown Corpus Christi Texas



Thursday, April 25, 2013

White for Cleanliness

                     I love White

When I see nicely designed white clothing what comes to mind is purity, cleanliness, or a new beginning...simplicity can be so powerful.

                   Photography: Kaisen Necho
                   Location: downtown Corpus Christi Texas
                   Outfit from Short in Papaya store,top from K2 I bought it at Robinson Manila Phl.
                   shoes in Enzo Angiolini


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looking hot in my Hat Lol!!!!!!!

                             Hot Hat
This location is really windy and cold omg!!!!!!!! wearing my bikini omg!!!!!!! frozen me to death
but I have no choice lol the pictures so good huhahahhahaha.Corpus Christi Texas have weird weather sometimes cold and hot even during summer and winter I cant really understand but its good though at least seldom snow here Corpus Christi its kinda Philippines style I don't feel I am in USA huahahhaha yeah because we called it in my country as a "Province place" so im not really homesick
so far I kinda Love it living here with Beautiful Oceans what should I ask for.
Jeffrey Appleby Photography
spring break

Friday, April 12, 2013

Life is Pink is life

                                         I AM PINK ADDICTED

                     Pink of course mostly girl love it I don't really know why since I was 19years old  I     kinda love it lol well pink is really nice color right? I love Pink,black,white and blue I don't know why I don't like red much hmmmm so far I guess I have 5 red dresses not that much not my fav but I guess everyone have their own want and what color they love.
so here's my favorite pink dress please hype it in lookbook,

                               Dress from Maria Theasiastyleshop visit her fb for more nice items
                                  Photography: J.Robless
                              Location:JP Lubby Corpus Christi Texas USA

                               Please comment below if you love this dress thank you for visiting my blog guys
                                          May Ann