Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A&M University photo shoot

Hi everyone so this is my first blog ever hehhehehehehe im excited to share with you guys about who I am I know who doesn't care lol just kidding but anyway guys I made this blog because I want to share with you guys about my passion of modeling I love photo shoot so bad and I really love always in the camera I don't know but I guess the camera love me too?or tired of my face hehehhehee
im not a pro model im just learning how to do it and I love photo shoot

so enjoy of my pictures everyone wish you like it please comment if you like it

Dress from bebe store
location: A&M university corpus Christi Texas
photography: Jeffrey  Appleby

I love this photo shoot so enjoyable

with this 2 great teenager in the center Phoenix Arizona and in my side Jillian Evans so cute and pretty I love Phoenix Mom very supportive about her daughter photo shoot and very easy to deal with this people so friendly and cool.

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