Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gulf of Mexico Photoshoot

Gulf of Mexico Photo shoot

so I lived here in Corpus Christi Texas of course our place is really near in Mexico so I decided to have a photo shoot at the beach with the professional photographer Carl Gross.

so this picture taken at North Padre Island which is Gulf of Mexico area I love Corpus Christi Texas because its not traffic only 300,000population only so its not that bad and people are so friendly specially Mexicans of course as what I've said this is a little Mexico Area I really don't know how many Mexicans lived here but I'm guessing its 70% percent Mexican 20% American 5% Asian 5% other ethnicity I'm just guessing lol

                            I love this dress from Maria theasianstyleshop  visit in her facebook for more nice dresses unedited picture I love it for me I don't like edited picture because the camera is useless when you do that too much edited is not good I love this simple picture I have
 forgive me for my pose this is my 2nd photo shoot


                          thank you so much Carl Gross for the nice picture.

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